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Our work is based on scientific research and the highest level of medical technology. This is to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of our life-saving products
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As government entities deal with constantly changing healthcare requirements, it can be challenging to deliver quality care while remaining compliant. To successfully navigate public sector healthcare, you need cost-effective products without sacrificing quality – and the support to back those products up.
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Our team understands the needs of government facilities because we support healthcare procurement at the local, state and federal levels. We’ll deliver the right products and resources so you can focus on what’s most important – operating seamlessly and providing quality care.
As a leading national distributor of medical-surgical supplies and equipment for government professionals in the United States, our product catalog includes everything government entities need, from medical-surgical products, laboratory supplies and equipment to pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Delivering quality products with our customers and suppliers

Medihealth Sweden delivered 10% of medical supplis in Sweden, and we serve more than 2 million end customers every two month across the world. It’s crucial to deliver the safest products to all of these patients, because both the people making the medicine and the people taking it count on us.
Ensuring products are safe and high quality Our quality management system is based on international procedures to ensure that products we handle and distribute, as well as the products we manufacture in our private-label line of business, follow applicable regulations.
Medihealth Sweden’s Government Solutions was built to exceed government contract compliance and product standards. We do so by assisting our government customers in their efforts to improve operations and increase efficiency. Our dedicated, government-specific sales, customer service and operations teams have the shared expertise to support the unique needs of public-sector healthcare. Medihealth Sweden Government Solutions provides:
  • Simple purchasing & inventory management | Technology & support so you get what you need, when you need it
  • Distribution built for the needs of government | Our team takes compliance seriously while offering flexible delivery models to meet your needs
  • Solutions that go beyond products | Resources to help you be more efficient, improve operations & reduce costs
We’re proud to serve public sector agencies, including:
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • State Departments of Health

Supplier requirements

Just as we hold ourselves accountable, we also hold our suppliers accountable for the quality of their products and services. In areas where we outsource distribution, this includes contracted carriers and couriers.

Manufacturer requirements

We comply with manufacturer requirements for handling and distributing products. In some cases, we have contracts with manufacturers that restrict the sale of certain medicines to certain customers, such as prison systems and others, for lethal injections. Medihealth Sweden is committed to helping manufacturers implement their policies in this area. The needs and requirements of various manufacturers are different, so our contractual commitments, controls and processes vary by manufacturer. Medihealth Sweden has processes and systems to enable manufacturers to validate our performance against our contractual arrangements. When we manage quality, our guide isn’t only laws and regulations, but also best practices and international standards.


We comply with applicable laws and regulations concerning product quality in the countries where we do business. These include the Drug Supply Chain Security Act in the U.S., the Food and Drugs Act and the Good Manufacturing and Distribution Practices guidelines in Europe (EU).


In Europe, we follow the Falsified Medicines Directive and Directive 98/79/EC, which requires batch tracking of certain medicinal products. When products enter the warehouse, we record the product code, expiration date and batch number. Using handheld terminals, we track the product at every stage of its journey in the warehouse — from replenishment, to picking, to returns. Employees can either scan the information or enter it manually. If an inaccuracy occurs, the tracking system generates an alert. Our quality coordinators monitor the alerts and resolve any inconsistencies.

Product integrity

Our supply chain safety and security training programs focus on the integrity of product packaging and containers. Here’s how:
– When receiving products, we verify the quantity, supplier name and product name through the purchase order. We also make sure that the product is not set to expire soon. Our tracking system automatically lets us know if a supply is affected by a recall.
– When shipping products, we use containers that maintain quality, safety and appropriate temperature control. We select shipping containers that comply with manufacturers’ product specifications. When we use passive cold chain solutions, we require containers to pass a qualification process. This helps preserve product integrity and prevent any quality issues.
– When potential product quality incidents happen, we work to respond promptly. We follow a Corrective Action – Preventive Action (CAPA) process. To prevent counterfeit products from entering the legal distribution network, we follow a supplier qualification procedure for vendors. As part of this process, we perform regular audits and checks of authorizations and certifications, as appropriate.
– During product recalls, we reach out to pharmacies and other customers with details on the recall and how products can be returned to Medihealth Sweedn or the applicable reverse distributor. We continuously train our customer service employees so they are up-to-date on current recalls.