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Our leaders empower our people to lead with a growth mindset and deliver excellence for our customers, partners, and the wellbeing of people, everywhere.
CEO / Corporate Lawyer

Joseph Avraham Said

Corporate Lawyer and CEO of Medihealth Sweden. Joseph has extensive, global experience in the finance market and has held senior roles across a variety of sectors in Sweden & the UK.
Under Joseph’s leadership, Medihealth Sweden is advancing for priorities to drive growth and performance: Portfolio, Transformation, Innovation, and People & Culture.  In prior roles, he served as chief operating advisor in Medcare Sweden.

Joseph believes that Medihealth Sweden has a clear opportunity to drive innovation and major performance improvements across medical markets by equipping customers with better PPE.

Legitimerad Läkare / Doctor

Taha Mohammad

Taha team are responsible for creating and maintaining Sweden high-performance culture.
He leads all people functions including talent and organizational development, recruiting, benefits, compensation and business support, in order to successfully deliver the strategy, culture and growth priorities of the business.
Project Manager for Middle East

Karim Abd Al-Rashid

Karim Abd Al-Rashid Joined Medihealth Sweden 2021.
Karim previously held roles as a credit analyst and exception analyst with United Auto Credit Corporation and accounting and analyst roles with HSBC and Bank of America.  Karim holds a B.S. degree in Finance with a concentration in Journalism/Mass Communication from Saint Bonaventure University.

Karim Abd Al-Rashid is stationed in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Project Manager for Europe 

Philip Klang

Philip Klang Joined Medihealth Sweden 2021.
Philip has been an project manager to entrepreneurs for over 6 years, with a primary focus on business development and client service.
He has extensive experience in raising all types of growth capital including equity and debt, as well as in advising on merger & acquisition transactions. His direct, personal involvement in solving client’s financial needs has enabled him to develop close relationships with senior management and other significant owners.


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