About MediHealth Sweden

Our work is based on scientific research and the highest level of medical technology. This is to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of our life-saving products

About us

Medihealth Sweden works with the distribution of a complete range of personal protective equipment that provides ”protection from head to toe”, ie helmets, earmuffs, work clothes, gloves, etc. Today we deliver our products to many different regions in the world. We supply protective equipment to many Swedish municipalities, but also to healthcare staff in Finland and companies around the EU. Our customers are located in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Our work is based on scientific research and the highest level of medical technology. This is to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of our life-saving products. Continuously improving our products means improving patients’ lives and health. We strive to provide fast, reliable service and quality goods at competitive prices.
To do this, we have efficient employees, large storage facilities and enough stock to deliver wholesale quantities. Goods are double-checked for quantity and quality before leaving the warehouse to ensure that we provide a trouble-free and reliable service for our customers. We ensure that our inventory levels are maintained efficiently so that goods are available in sufficient quantities to meet customer requirements.
We have extensive experience of working with suppliers from the EU and Asia, where we ensure that all goods resold must have complied with EU guidelines. All our products are EN-certified by European test laboratories, have relevant certification marks and are accompanied by EN certificates.
To help customers solve their safety issues in the workplace, or to advise those responsible on aspects of safety equipment, our employees often visit customers on their premises to better understand the issues involved and discuss possible solutions to their problems, show our samples / documents and finally to submit our proposals and prices.

Specialty Practice Solutions

We unite independent providers with manufacturers and payers, strengthening the business foundations of specialty care, delivering end-to-end efficiencies and clinical excellence.


Through innovation and collaboration, our solutions help people get the medicine they need to live healthier lives by seamlessly connecting the healthcare network to improve medication access; thereby increasing speed to therapy and reducing prescription abandonment. Our network includes approximately 75 percent of electronic health record systems (EHRs), 1000+ pharmacies, 100 providers and most health plans. As pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, providers and payers continue to evolve within this dynamic environment, our technology and connectivity solutions help them stay competitive, compliant and focused on healthy patient outcomes.


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The medical-surgical products and solutions you need—delivered with care

It’s no secret. Better products help you give better care to your patients. And when those high-quality products come from a single source, it will save you time and let you work more efficiently.
Choose Medihealth Swedens as your single source. Whether you need wholesale medical-surgical supplies, lab equipment, post-acute care supplies or pharmaceuticals, you’ll find them in our catalog of more than 1000 quality medical-surgical products. Choose from top national brands or the high-value Medihealth Sweden Brands line. We back all products in the Medihealth Sweden family of brands with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
But choice and quality aren’t the only things you’ll benefit from. You’ll get your products quickly and accurately through our unmatched national distribution network. In fact, we offer next-day delivery to 95% of our customers. Plus, our business and clinical resources can help your operation thrive.

Medihealth Sweden Middle East

We partner with the Middle East health care industry to provide better, safer care by delivering vital medicines, supplies and information technologies.
For more than 2 years, our solutions have helped pharmacies, manufacturers, hospitals and other health care institutions improve the quality and safety of care they provide to millions of patients every single day.

Medihealth Sweden Europe

We are pharmaceutical wholesale and retail medical supply leader focused on bringing better health to people across Europe. Every month, the company’s employees serve more than  millions patients and consumers across. Additionally, through its 10 distribution centers, the company delivers needed supplies to more than 100 pharmacies and hospitals throughout Europe.